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This Pressure steamer is ideal in both restaruants as well as volume operations. It reduces cooking times by upto 70%, retains Colour, Vitamins and minerals during the steaming process resulting in healthy full flavoured foods. Pressure steamers can blanch, poach, pasteurise, regenerate aswell as steam.


• Capacity - 3 trays 1/1gn 65mm deep
• Cook on demand - due to fast cooking times food can be cooked when ordered which helps to reduces food waste
• Energy saving - 16kw power but with high output - upto 560 portions of veg/hour - 150 grams in weight
• Controls - Programmable controls and Manual use - upto 99 programs can be stored with 3 phases of cooking in each program
• LED Displays - shows Temperature, Time and pressure
• Precise enetering of Temperature from 50 - 119ºC
• Low temperature from 50 - 97ºC at zero pressure makes it ideal for cooking delicate products such as fish etc
• Pressure cooking upto 1 bar from 97 - 119ºC
• Integrated heat recovery - by using exhaust and condensate
• Preselection of time - upto 24 hours in advance allows automatic switching on/off and overnight cooking
• Integrated water softener - with automatic water hardness adjustment preserves the durability of the pressure steamer
• Double walled heavy duty door with secure door lock
• Supplied with Air vent funnel and Condensate drainage hose
• Can be supplied with optional stand, pressure reducer with gauge.

POWER CONSUMPTION --- 16kw - 415v (32amp)
DIMENSIONS ---------------- 63w x 85 x 75 cm