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It is a spiral kneader which performs two functions at the same time, those needed in a pizzeria and those necessary for confectionery. It is certainly the most sophisticated machine for pizzerias and confectioneries.

One machine, instead of two!! You’ll only need one machine for preparingboth pizzas and confectionery and in this way you will save space and time.

- The machine head can be tipped over due to a gas piston, for a safer and easier to control lifting.
- Electronic controls for timer and speed.
- 8 speeds to select from in the front control panel.
- The rim of the container has been specially shaped for a quicker and easier maintenance work (cleaning of the machine).
- The plastic lid has a special protection system against splashes and a small hole to pour in extra ingredients.
- Stainless steel tools, ergonomically shaped, with a quick hooking system, specially designed for three different types of dough: hard, medium or soft
- The container can be quickly unscrewed , it has a nylon gasket, it is scratch-resistant and ideal for all kinds of surfaces.
- 5 protection systems, both active and passive, for complete safety during work, cleaning and maintenance.

Models MSKM-10 MSKM-30 MSKM-50
Capacity Litres 10 L 30 L 50 L
Bowl Dimension Ø cm. 27 x 21 Ø cm. 49 x 23 Ø cm. 70 x 25
Motor KW 0,40 KW / 240 V / 50 HZ 1,25 KW / 240 V / 50 HZ 1,75 KW / 240 V / 50 HZ
Dimensions WxDxH 30 X 55 X 65 cm 50 X 85 X 90 cm 70 X 115 X 120 cm<
Weight Kg 49 105 175