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The strongest and more efficient citrus juicer available in the market

RJM-70 is the strongest and the most efficient juicer on the world market. It is made in AISI 316 high-quality stainless steel, which is resistant to citric acid corrosion.

With backlit and windows to watch the squeezing process, it is the RAMIL® solution to the many needs of the Horeca sector. It is a heavy-duty model suited for long lasting intensive use.

The machine can be also equipped with a motorized hopper for 15 kg of oranges, which conveys the oranges in the squeezing system, for continuous production of fresh juice.

Strong and practical

The strongest and the most efficient citrus juicer of the market: Up to 70 liters/hour of freshly squeezed orange juice, dispensed continuously.

The stainless steel, immune to the acid PH of orange juice, is carefully selected. The elegant design and accurate finishes are perfect for every place of use.


You have delicious freshly squeezed orange juice in a few seconds without any manual handling, splashes of juice or unpleasant deposits.


The squeezing system can be rinsed using a high-pressure water gun. The squeezing components are easy to remove, for the cleaning under running tap water or place in the dishwasher

Power ------- 110V – 240V / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power consumption ----- 200W max
Orange per minute ----- 23
Orange size ---------- 60 – 86 mm (diameter)
Process capacity ------ 70 L / Hour
Dimensions ---------- 40 x 60 x 75 cm
Weight ---------------45 kg