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The most compact in the market, ideal for business with limited space

Thanks to its compactness it is the ideal solution for bars and shops with reduced spaces on the counter.

Professional automatic juicer is equipped with a removable drawer that collects waste peels. Just insert the oranges in the machine, press the button to obtain a 100% natural juice, which maintains all the nutritional properties of the fruit intact.

It can be equipped with a static hopper for 7 kg of oranges and/or with a through the counter configuration, which conveys the waste peels in a basket completely separate from the machine

Minimum space, Maximum yield

It takes a small space but ensures the highest juice yield, thanks to the truly unique squeezing process, that uses 100% of the fruit while screening out the bitter peel oils from the juice.

The high-strength food-grade plastic polymers, immune to the acid PH of orange juice, are carefully selected. The elegant design and accurate finishes are perfect for every place of use.


You have delicious freshly squeezed orange juice in a few seconds without any manual handling, splashes of juice or unpleasant deposits.


The fastest cleaning process of the market: remove the pot with the squeezing components inside and wash under running tap water or place in the dishwasher

Power ------- 110V – 240V / 50Hz – 60Hz
Power consumption ----- 100 W max
Orange per minute ----- 13
Orange size ---------- 62 – 76 mm (diameter)
Waste Peel Capacity --- upto 25 oranges
Process capacity ------ 70 L / Hour
Dimensions ---------- 22 x 44 x 55 cm
Weight ---------------12 kg