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A latest generation machine characterised by a prestigious design, allowing simplified programming and control of all main operating parameters to ensure the best quality coffee in the cup.

The machine is equipped with a touch panel with a graphic icon display that allows the same kind of instant access as a smartphone to all the functions available in the menu. The temperatures of the coffee dispensing groups, which are always on-screen, can be adjusted separately with the possibility of configuring a personalised extraction profile for every individual dose and checking that the best temperature is maintained during operation.

An electronic pressure measurement system replaces the analogue pressure gauge controlling the pump and the boiler dedicated to producing steam and hot water. This solution means that not only can milk be frothed perfectly, but the temperature of each individual extraction group remains stable and provides water at a constant temperature for making tea.

To guarantee the best energy performance possible, the machine can be put in stand-by and reactivated with a simple touch of the “fast warm-up” button

No. of Groups 3
Total Power Consumption 230 V 7250 W ( 25 A )
Motor Power 375 Watt
Boiler Operating Pressure 1 – 1.8 bar
Max. water pressure 5 bar
Boiler Capacity 12 L
Coffee boiler capacity 0,4 x 3
Dimensions - w x d xh - cm 105 x 55 x 63
Weight 97 kg