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The REAM-2 model features latest generation electronics, which enhance an already winning product. The capacitive touch keypad is based on an innovative concept and features a personalised design, geared towards simple and immediate use.

The LED technology back lighting guarantees attractive graphics, combining practicality of use and aesthetics to represent freedom of expression in terms of design.

An aggressive look, a broad range of available colours, either standard or on request, chrome-plated finishes: these are the aesthetic characteristics of the machine, highlighting the originality of the line and the uniqueness of the design, in a machine highly appreciated throughout the World

Capacitive touch technology allows the management of commands without moving parts, creating a multi-sensory environment and a new relationship with everyday life. The replacement of traditional components with other innovative touch screens allows the elimination of the mechanical and metal actuators of traditional keyboards, ensuring greater reliability, durability, and protection from mechanical problems. Intuitive and simple, customizable and programmable, to its practicality the touch keyboard combines the charm and the communication versatility of today's devices. The electronic principle behind the capacitive touch screen technology adopted in keyboards is based on the control of the variation of the electric field that acts on the screen in a similar way to the functioning of the latest generation smartphones and tablets

No. of groups 2
Boiler Power Supply 3500 w
Coffee group power supply 230 V 800 W
Cup warmer power supply 230 V 100 W
Total Power Consumption 230 V 3500-4500 W
Motor Power 275 Watt
Boiler Operating Pressure 1 – 1.8 bar
Max. water pressure 5 bar
Boiler Capacity 12 L