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The "One-Shot” choclate dosing machine allows to realize delicious chocolate pralines and filled products in just a single operation. Thanks to the exclusive One Shot technology, the dosage of chocolate for the shell and the dosage of chocolate (cream, caramel or any other suitable filling) for the filling are simultaneous. That means a deep and objective saving of costs and time. Moreover, a graphic interfaced state-of-the-art software allows an intuitive knowledge for an easy operation use of the machine, which is equipped with a specific recipes menu in order to choose the product to obtain. The materials used, such as anodized hardened aluminium and stainless steel, are high quality materials. Every part of the machine is easily and fast to remove in order to be washed in dishwasher machine and to minimize the time required for the change of production. Even the heating red silicon removable resistances, which can be affixed to the two hoppers to maintain the temperature of chocolate and of other selected fillings, are easily to remove for the cleaning operations

Technical features

Bowl capacity: 6 kg each
Hourly capacity: 70 kg/h
Dimensions ( w xd x h ) -- 120 x 75 x 140 cm